reco, cheerleading camp, harlem

recollection- it was kinda yet fun because i was with my friends when we went there the first thing we did was play agawan base and it was so funny because i wasnt running at all anyway, i really got touched at the end where the teachers gave us palancas from our parents and godmother and fathers. the palancas really made me cry. i thank the people who gave me because i super got touched i love you guys you know who you are. though some may seem short but it surely is meaningful

harlem- wow many people got drunk hahaha well the first time we went there it wasnt that filled up and the sounds were kinda not nice. the only reason why i had fun was because of my friends. the sounds werent really that great so i wasnt really dancing. i saw redmond miggy dave and a lot of people hahaha

cheerleading camp- WOW I LOVED IT. i thought it would be boring but i super had fun they tought us how to do stunts like lifting gymanstics and even tossing! it was so fun and we were all laughing ang laughing. i loved my group.. we were all with the seniors!! haahhahaah anyways thats it

bye world<3


i love this day

ok so 3rd place isnt bad after all im so proud of the soccer team!! DREA, i sooo love u. U are so galing tlga and to the whole soccer team ur the best guys im soooooo happy even if we lost coz, it was a really tight game. Rana and Rhea omg u guys rock without u cguro maraming goals papasok.

so for the sophomores, keep it up! who know we might/can be over all champs next year? hahahaha well the winning isnt improtant. its how we played the game. the most important thing is that WE ALL HAD FUN. am i right? yes! wahahahaha sophomores=fair:)

to the juniors, congrats!

to the seniors, congrats nice game tooo!! it was a tight match... u guys are gracious in defeat.:)

to the freshmen, RESPECT. 1 word. and please stop complaining.


im pissed at this person lng. so pissed at her. oh well.

2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate JUNIORS SENIORS ESPECIALLY THE SOPHOMORES...

yun lng wahahahahahah:))
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i love my friends

omg yesterday was so fun! the original plan was to go to kyla's house and swim then go to ewood.... BUT WE ENEDED UP GOIN TO RHEA'S THEN KYLA'S... we swam in kyla's house then we ddnt go na to ewood since rhea was not allowed anymore.. so we swam and took a lot of pix trish jenell kyla rhea and i.. we were all dancing and having fun! hahahaha we took videos and ATE A LOT we even went to kyla's rooftop! wahahahaha after that we went to mcdo and ate more then we saw ALBAINO AND SINA DEN after that we went to DREW'S since dj was there! we saw a lot of x povedans and povedans... i saw our friends from mc and trish saw someone... yiheee...

today we went to rhea's place so that we could practice for the intrams a lot of people went but a lot rin ddnt go :( anyways me rhea trish jenell janny went to ky's place we bonded a lot rhea swam and i pushed trish in the pool so she swam na rin it was so fun we danced HSM again wahahahaha and we all pigged out and made kwentuhan. kyla gave rhea trish and janny something... it was this hot sauce that they tried it was so funny coz they all were so wild after they tried it they got as much water and chocolates since the taste dnt wna get out wahhahaahahah u guys should see the video

omg. i really lvoe veronica mars... duncan kane i love u... LOGAN AND VERONICA FOREVER
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1 down 2 days more. i might watch you are the one in ewood this friday with sina rhea wahahahaha omgggggggg! im gna die its math na tom poknaaatttsssss

ok ok i wna go to metrowalk shit. i wna buy more dvd's waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

and yup i shall continue later.
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exams week

i havent been writing here because i was soooo busy with school and stuff but isnt it odd im writing this week? but its exams week... hahahahhai just miss lj i dont know where to put all my thoughts since im lazy when it comes to writing it in my notebook.

a while ago in school it was fun but mana and bella were absent hahhaaha they missed it all! well as usual ms ramos always gets mad at us because of the behavior and the "noisiness" of the class. i wouldnt be surprised cuz its like everyday theres noise everywhere anyway, im still addicted to veronica mars and i cant wait for season three.. it was all janny's fault since she influenced me into watching ithahahaha

its weird coz i dont have cable in my new house but i could actually live without it... IM SURPRISED... but!!! I BOUGHT A LOT OF DVD'S wahahahaha!! yep alot of them:)

so fine i actually dont have cable but i have dvd's NOW THAT IS HOT:))

im kinda pissed cuz i was suppose to watch shes the man but it is broken. MY LOOOOOORRRDDDDDDDDDD:(

anyways its raining hard rrrrriiight now.

and im pissed at this girl... because she did something to my brother which i ddnt really like.... gosh... the drama...

i wouldnt wna expound to it. anyways byers!

tokyo drift high!

im so addicted to the terryaki boyz song! i love it i wna dance right noW! im soooo high!

yesterday <dj's day>
*jenell picked me up then we went to rhea's place then went to gh
*met up with rana and bolga
*all of us were with macro y and dj p
we were deciding what movie to watch sukob or just my luck. us girls wanted sukob but since dj and his friends wanted to watch just my luck then we ended up watching it. hahaha we were with sina pierre pau gelo rocky marko and this girl named pat marco yulo left na kse after that we went to tender bob's to eat dinner relova was there but he left cuz he was goin to ewwood.

after the dinner we went to timezone and saw santina and alo. santina went with us then we all had a pic in kodak after that dj rhea and trish left so it was me jenell rana santina  gelo pierre pau and the marko dude and we were just making kwento till like 11? or 1030 pm it was so fun hahaha super! but santin needed to go so there kmi nlng so after that we went home with jenell. me and ranz. so there then i talked to rhea at like 1? till 2? am hahaha super fun kse!

i am.. sadly... moving.. hay. there we go again.
its actually normal cuz im used to this:(

missing the memories
i cant see you anymore:( 
no more window peaks.:(

please fix the fucking fight. make peace not war. IM TIRED OF THIS! GOSH. CHANGE PEOPLE CHANGE!
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wow im moving na. gosh its so fast im gona miss acropolis. im gona miss all my friends here i cant believe it:( i remember when i use to go out late at night and just walk around with my neighbors and just talk and have fun. i'll miss those days when me and my barkada always love to play bball in the park. all those memories i really wouldnt forget.

well im goin to another village, im starting a new life.goodbye acropolis goodbye friends. i know its hard to let go of things i've been to many villages and met a lot of good people. oh well as rhea says it.. THATS LIFE

to all my neighboors: kyla redmond miguel nica ana i will miss you:(

look back, take me back:(

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boredom strikes

ok so we ddnt have classes today because of the saint pedro poveda thingy.. today is the ant bully premiere so people please goooo..

im moving houses already. goodbye acropolis hello ST IGNATIUS.
thanks toni potenciano for being so patient! hahaha because of the layouts and all. im so promdi. btw, im actually kinda sick thats why im pissed cuz i have a game tom and i havta go to dj's bday bash btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLA.

omgggg i havta pack.

greenlantern <3

btw, i never knew you'd still care for me when i thought u really wouldnt. i ddnt expect that you'd still be a good person. actually ur a good person already its just that... hmmm. LOOK BACK  TAKE ME back.

i never believed in forever but i found forever in you.

omg sunday is the day. ALEX I LOVE YOU. toni i love you.

felicia escolin i miss u:(

greenlantern come back and rescue me.

feel the rain on ur skin no one else could feel it for ya..
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no classes

ok so thank god there are no classes because its raining.. duh!! NO FIL TEST yipperrrr:)) imma party tom.. i'll continue later hahahaha im fixing this thingy..